Our Ranch

Located south of Dallas, Texas, Johnson Ranch rests on almost 700 acres of beautiful rangeland. SteakBurger is a blend of natural laws, small farm traditions, and a scientific approach to health.

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Natural Laws

Pasture Raised. Our cattle spend their entire lives roaming and grazing on natural native pasture grasses found on our ranch. They are grassfed until finished. Our cattle are never fattened on or even fed corn or other grains. That’s what makes grassfed beef so high in Omega-3’s, CLA, and vitamins.

Humane Treatment. Our animals are never treated roughly. They are called not herded when moved. Calves stay close to mothers even through the weaning process.

USDA Inspected. Our beef is processed in a USDA inspected facility. SteakBurger is flash-frozen, and remains frozen until you pick it up.This means you get it in the absolute freshest state possible.

Small Farm Traditions

Hi, my name is Andy Johnson I am the owner of the Johnson Ranch and SteakBurger. Actually, my main profession is not ranching. I am a partner in a small CPA firm — my day job. Besides tax consulting, my passions in life are my family and my ranch.

Family Traditions. My wife, Diane and I have 8 children who live and work on the ranch. Some years ago, while the children were still young and didn’t know any better :-) Diane and I agreed that life on a ranch and living in a small town would be great fun.

The Johnson Family

Admittedly, it was a big adjustment from the conveniences of city life, but we (all of us) eventually came to appreciate the benefits of living on a ranch.

Old-Fashioned Work Ethic. One benefit is learning to work hard. I’m no fan of busy work. I like to work as long as it is necessary and productive. That is the beauty of a ranch — there’s no lack of productive things one can do with his children along side. We have all kinds of animals — horses, chickens, goats, (cattle of course), donkeys, dogs and cats and that means there’s plenty of work to be done at all times. The animals simply must be taken care of, there’s no way around it. The associated sacrifice of time and entertainment caused by this need to care for our flocks and herds produces immediate pain but eventual gain. Our children have regular chores just like you read about in old books, or see in movies or on TV. The children feed and take care of animals, mend fences, clean out stalls, gather eggs, and plenty of other fun stuff.

Ranch Life Can Be Fun. Life on a farm isn’t always just hard work. We also have tons of great times. Naturally, if one has horses, one should ride them, right? That’s fun. Also, we’ve discovered that 4-wheelers are absolutely essential ranch equipment – and a bit of fun too. We fish and camp right here on the premises. That’s been fun. So we manage to have a good time together.

Scientific Approach to Health

Healthy Land. Johnson Ranch has preserved a natural landscape necessary for the health and well being of our cattle. The cattle are rotated through several large open pastures allowing each to grow and develop with natural grasses indigenous to north Texas. We are actually grass farmers using cattle to harvest the grass.

Healthy Cattle. In addition to pasture grazing, Johnson Ranch cattle enjoy a non-stressed easy-going lifestyle unheard of at feedlots.

Healthy Product. This combination of eating healthy grasses and maintaining a non-stressed life produce a product rich in nutrients for a healthy diet.

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