I’m Dreaming of a White … Ranch

It iced and snowed here a little bit. Amazing eh? This was a few weeks ago. For a few days prior to this icy/snowy mix, we had multiple inches of rain and the ponds we built finally started to fill in.

This is Peter and Robbie riding an innertube down one of the hills.

Ryan and Jordan are about to jump in this old feed trough which makes for a pretty good ride on icy ground. Hard to steer though.


Here they go down into parts unknown and dangers unforeseen.

Icicles forming on anything are a huge fascination to the kids. I guess it would be since they’ve grown up in Texas and don’t see this kind of thing very often (for which I’m glad).

On a rainy/icy day it’s hard to resist bundling up and putting on the goggles for a nice family 4-wheeler ride to check out the lakes and see if they’re filling up. We’ve been waiting for 2 years to see these new lakes get full and finally it’s happening. But there is a price to be paid for going out in these conditions — it’s called mudhead! (Plus it’s mighty cold — at least for us here in Texas!)
Grassfed Beef is Best

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