Ain’t She Pretty?

When I go to check on the cows I like to check on their body condition. Notice that this Hereford cow is almost perfect. Not too fat that you can’t see any hip or rib bones but in a good fleshy condition. Note that her coat is nice and clean and shiny. She has clear bright eyes and moves easily and freely. She’s a nice cow. None of these cows are fed anything but grass here on our ranch. They are in excellent shape because we don’t overgraze our property. The grassess haven’t really taken off yet but you can see that there is plenty for the cows to graze on. This particular pasture is 100 acres of native bluestem and side oats grama and other native bunch grasses that we’ve been cultivating for a several years. When we moved here this pasture was a total loss to weeds because it had been so overgrazed in the past.
Grassfed Beef is Best

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