Chickens and Goats Eating Together in Peace

From these mama goats plus 2 pygmy goats, we now have 15 goat babies. That’s amazing to me. Rebecca has taken to feeding them in this fashion so they each get plenty without stepping on it or pushing each other around. The chickens like to get in on any feeding that happens too. The baby goats are in and out of this pen. Out when they want to explore, but they don’t stray too far from their mothers.

The little babies are constantly exploring outside of the pens. The follow the behavior modeled for them by their mothers and nibble on grass probably wondering why their mothers like it so much.

Cute little baby. This is one of the babies that is bottle fed, so when you go by the pens and kneel down to take a picture, they really come running expecting something tasty. Sorry, I only wanted a picture.

This is the multicolored baby, she (or he, maybe, I don’t remember) is one of the most playful, always jumping and prancing around.
Grassfed Beef is Best

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