Cool, Authoritative Article On FoodPrints

Jo-Ann Heslin, MA RD CDN has written a dynamite article here about FoodPrints and how to reduce them through the choices you make. In case you have no time to read the full text, she quotes the five steps suggested by the Cool Food Campaign to reduce your FoodPrints:

  • Buy organic and look for the USDA organic label.
  • Limit your consumption of conventional meat and dairy foods and farmed seafood. (I take this to mean eat more grassfed beef!)
  • Do your best to avoid processed foods all together.
  • Choose locally produced foods or foods grown as close to your home as possible.
  • Avoid excessively packaged food.

These steps are not easy to achieve, especially on a limited budget. But you have to start taking steps in the right direction until finally we are all eating Cool Food, nothing else.

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