Crazy Weather on Easter Eve

The weather this spring has been crazy. I know people say that all the time, but this time it’s really true and I have the proof right here.
It was the Saturday before Easter and we had a get together planned with friends and we weren’t going to let the weather stop us. The forecast called for 41 degrees and rain. That’s a lousy forecast. But it dawned a colder day than that and guess what?? The snow started to fall. And it snowed like a blizzard. Here are Rebecca and friend Katie C. going out to the pasture to catch the big white horses.

This is further evidence that giant flakes of snow were falling on the fields all green with the spring greenup and with all kinds of wildflowers in the mix as well.

Yes, that’s snow falling on Bluebonnets!

Here’s a picture of snow accumulating on said Bluebonnets. What a crazy day. And it snowed like this all day long. We had no accumulation because the ground was too warm but it did accumulate on the flowers and on the trees. Amazing.

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