Do You Speak Mooish?

This morning all the cows were gathered by the gate leading to this new pasture and when they saw me walking towards them they all stared at me with an anticipating-type look. When I called them — I usually call out “HEY GIRLS” or “COME ON GIRLS” when I want their attention. Not the type of thing I hear real cattlemen say, but it works for me. Anyway, when I called out to them, they just all started mooing back at me with some urgency in their moos. I catch on slowly, but I do catch on eventually. I finally discerned that they’re hoping I’m going to move them to some nice new pasture. Well, who can resist that mooing? I opened the gate and they all chugged right over to the new stuff. Didn’t even pause to moo a little thanks. But seeing their heads down and chomping away, is thanks enough to me.
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