First Wildflower Sighting!

Brace yourself because I think the content of this blog for the next couple of weeks is going to be dominated by wildflowers. But there’s no shame in that, not in Texas. Texas is synonymous with wildflowers, especially the Bluebonnet. If you’ve never been here during April, then you just can’t imagine how many Bluebonnets are all over the place. And then there’s a host of other wildflowers that make their appearance. I only really know the name of one other and I’m sure it’s not the real name. One of our readers is welcome to comment and tell us what they are, but this is Peter holding what we call an “Indian Paint Brush”. It’s the first wildflower to appear, and it seems to be several weeks early for the Paint Brush which usually follows up the Bluebonnet and we haven’t spotted any Bluebonnets out here yet. But don’t worry, they’ll be here.
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