Free Range Eggs

Here’s the egg gathering team. Complete with the flashlight to spot one in a dark corner if necessary. W e started selling our own Free Range Eggs now. We still have to ramp up production quite a bit. But since we only have a few customers so far, no big worry. We’ll eventually have to speed up the egg-gathering process probably also. For now, though, the Peter/Robbie team is working well. Russell is the main person in charge of the SteakBurger Free Range Egg Division. He’s got the most entrepreneurial spirit in our family. He’s always looking for a way to make money. He was aggressive when we discussed how to set the price on the eggs. He was thinking right,at least, in wanting to know what store-bought eggs go for in the supermarket. When he found out the go for about a dollar, though, he wanted to set the price $1 per egg! A little pricey even for true free-range eggs. Like Russell says, these eggs are brain food. But brain food doesn’t have to cost that much. We settled on $3 per dozen. If we get a sudden rush of customers though, there could be a lot of dissappointment. Russell pays Robbie and Peter $1 per dozen for helping with collection duties. Russell cleans the eggs, if need be, and packages them. It’s a good little venture.
Grassfed Beef is Best

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