Grass Fed Beef Gets Thumbs Up From Park Slope

Not all food nuts are equal. The 14 000 members of the Park Slope Food Co-op in Brooklyn, NY, are certainly not your average chow mutts.

This 35 year old co-op has standards that are way high, their discipline legendary.

If members fail to give their 2 hours and 45 minutes every four weeks to working at the co-op, nothing short of a disciplinary hearing follows. In the past they have refused to market foodstuffs from Chile and South Africa for political reasons.

Their political conscience have not weakened over time. Consider the recent issue of the Bottled Water. Following a massive internal debate, the co-op decided it was not correct to market bottled water (for more information about that spat go here) and they discontinued the sale of designer bottled water forthwith.

So if your product is marketed through the Park Slope Food Co-op you know that it has the mark of authority. Here’s the thing: the only red meat marketed at Park Slope is grassfed beef that is locally raised.

Surely grassfed beef has never received such a worthy compliment!

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