Grassfed Means Down Home And Real

As dedicated watchers of social developments involving grassfed cattle it we have noticed that the home-conscious woman, who is often home schooler, home maker and home chef too, is a vital player in the grassfed beef market. It is the homemaker, after all, who leads the way in nutritional trends. Now that moms are looking for healthy, low-fat alternatives to the usual old fatty and fast food, they are discovering “slow meat”, a variation on “slow food”.

Grassfed beef is the healthy kind. It takes longer to grow and it has to be raised under natural conditions: no dubious feed components or hormones added! The best of grassfed beef is labeled as such. The best proof of all that you are eating grassfed beef is the great taste! All the extra effort on the part of farmers means that grassfed beef is more expensive than the other kind but homemakers are finding the benefits are worth it. Take a look at a fine friend and family blog here for an authentic example of what a home-loving mom has to say about certified grassfed beef….

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