King Corn Movie Says A Lot About Grassfed Beef

It started when I looked at Christine’s blog where she talked about her first experience of grassfed beef.

She tried it after receiving an inadvertent advert in favor of certified grassfed beef from the movie”King Corn”, where she learned that most corn produced in the US is fed to cattle, with detrimental effects on cattle and humans alike.

Reviewing the movie in the New York Times, Matt Zoller Seitz describes “King Corn” as a cultural and scientific history of the crop. Their film is a gentle, meandering entry in the Truth-Seeking Comic Hero genre, as practiced by Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock.” (Remember “Supersize Me?”) Read the full review here.

You need to watch the movie if you want to know what turned Christine onto certified grassfed beef. P.S. That there in the photo is Curt Ellis, one of the co-presenters of the picture, sliding down a pile of corn near Des Moines, Iowa.

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