King Corn — The Movie — "People are basically made out of corn."

I read an interesting review of a movie soon to be released that chronicles how corn has changed our diet and our economy. Interesting stuff, check it out here.

Did you know?

“If the American people wanted strictly grass-fed beef, we would produce grass-fed beef for them,” feedlot owner Bob Bledsoe says in the movie. “But it’s definitely more expensive and one of the tenets in America is America wants and demands cheap food.”

Iowa farmer Chuck Pyatt is quoted in the movie as saying:” ‘People are basically made out of corn,’ “

Also this: “Thanks to hybrid corn, chemical fertilizers, powerful weed killers and other modern farming methods, the filmmakers’ yield is four times what their acre would’ve produced in their great-grandfather’s day. Cheney and Ellis grew enough corn to sweeten 57,348 sodas, feed enough cows to make 3,894 burgers or produce 6,726 boxes of corn flakes. “

So, with all that productivity increase, you’d think we’d have planted less acres of corn right? but according to this article, “Although productivity has increased, so has the number of acres planted in corn. More than 93 million acres of corn were planted this year, a 40 percent increase since 1970.”


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