More Goats!

Well, the other pygmy goat had twins also! We’ve got goats all over the place now. It happened last night. I’ll spare you the very early pictures. Kind of messy and not too pleasant. But that mama pygmy got the kids cleaned up real quick. And they are up and walking very shortly after being born. It’s always amazing to me how quickly they can walk and run. It’s interesting that they were designed that way by the Creator. It seems to me that human babies could have been designed to walk right away also if He wanted it that way. Obviously, He didn’t. Human babies are designed to be totally dependent on their mother for a good long while. Probably the idea behind this is to create a bond between mother and child that is unbreakable. Everything is for a reason.

We checked on the mama and two kids this morning to see how they were doing. They’re doing great. Here’s a picture.

With our 2 year old in the picture, you can get a perspective on just how little these goats are.

I’m not sure how they’ll look at maturity, but this combination of Boer goat with pygmy goat has produced some awfully cute little ones.
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