New Baby Calf

This is a brand new baby calf born just a day or two ago. He’s a little bull calf (in about 5 months he’ll be a steer). He was born real late in the season, when we thought we were pretty much all calved out for the Spring. He probably weighs somewhere about 70lbs. Surprise, surprise, but we aren’t complaining.The interesting thing to me is how soon after birth they are up and about. I guess they have to be ready to escape predators very early in life. This one seemed particularly attracted to Diane and me. As we walked by, he stared at us and then followed us all the way down this fence line. Eventually his mama came calling and met up with him.

These two young calves stared us down pretty good. Very inquisitive. Notice the difference in these animals. Both are products of a Hereford Mama and a Black Angus bull. Both are called Black Baldies, but sometimes you see the one on the left more specifically referred to as BWF (black w/White Face) and the the one on the right (a nicer stockier build compared to the lanky one on the left) is referred to as a BMF (black w/Mottle Face). Their both good looking 2 or 3 month old calves. Life is good for them right now, pleasant weather plenty of milk available on demand and even grass as they begin to sample what their Mammas are eating.
Grassfed Beef is Best

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