Now That’s a Sand Box

We got a whole bunch of sand delivered to the indoor arena. Hopefully it will be less dusty in there and better on the horses. But before we spread out all the piles, it’s time to get out the trucks and enjoy all the sand dunes!

The indoor arena is about 200×75, so now we have a giant sand box. Actually, we moved the portable volleyball standards in there and have played some good Vball in there a few times. We’ve also played Ultimate Frisbee in there. That deep sand will tax a body, let me tell you.

Ryan had a get together with some friends at the ranch. They played Ultimate Frisbee in the indoor arena then headed out on a hayride to cook some ‘Smores. This is Jordan’s team. With Tommy, Dani, Marlee, Dana, Jordan, Sabrina, Aaron and Holly.

This is Ryan’s team with Kris, Kelsey,Melissa, Ryan, Mackenzie, Trinity, Talisa and Adam.
Grassfed Beef is Best

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