Oh What a Beautiful Morning

Certain days you just wake up and are glad to be alive. It was that kind of morning today. Bright and clear, a little cool, not windy, just right. Spring is definitely in the air around here. The trees are budding, birds are chirping, it’s just as pleasant as it can possibly be. It’s a perfect day for a walk with the dogs. And things have dried up enough where we can just roam around the ranch.

Here we are crossing the little creek that runs through Pig Canyon. This little trail leads us to a spot where an Angus cow of ours died a few years ago. She had been dead quite a while before we ever found her down here. Not sure how she died, but we never tried to move her either.

This jawbone and a bunch of rib bones are all that is left. One good thing about lots of wild animals around is if an animal does die, it is consumed pretty quickly. We have one part of the ranch that we call the graveyard. It is at the far northern corner of the property. Evidently it has been the designated graveyard for many years. If an animal dies we just haul it out there with the tractor. Since there is a prevailing southerly breeze and since it’s about 2 miles away from the house, we never notice the bad smell. Plus being in such a remote spot, all the varmints like coyotes and vultures and pigs can feel uninhibited as they consume the carcass. So it’s really a pretty efficient system when you think about it. Those bones are cleaned off pretty quickly. I guess all of this sounds a bit grotesque, and it certainly seemed so to us at first, but now it seems only natural. Now that I think about it, the title to this post was something about a beautiful morning. Well, it was, notwithstanding all of this talk of rotting carcasses and vultures.
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