Our Kids Say All We Do is Work

That’s not really true of course, as these pictures will prove, eventually if you keep reading. But there is work always to be done, that much is true. And on Saturday, that’s what we’re usually doing. But we generally work together, so it’s not too bad. (It’s great in my eyes, of course.) Today, we had to put up a new gate, feed cows, wash equipment and change oil (it was a nice sunny day) and finally clean out one of the barns where the goats, mini donkeys and chickens lived all winter.

Some jobs at the ranch aren’t so pleasant. Like cleaning out stalls. In this case, this is a stall, where all the chickens go at night. It’s specially fenced to protect them from any predators. But it can get pretty bad in there.

We hauled about 6 manure loads out of the 4 stalls. What a spring cleaning.

Here’s a load of chicken manure that Rebecca is preparing to spread out. It’s going to make some very good fertilizer for this grass along the driveway. I got that manure spreader for Diane and Rebecca for Christmas, the year before last. A lot of people, upon hearing that were aghast that I would buy my wife such a gift, but she was not only surprised, but thrilled with the gift. Rebecca was also very appreciative. It’s one of the best gifts I’ve come up with.

See it in action below.

Here it is in all its glory. Just look at that chicken dung fly. This is so much better than the wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow method we used before last Christmas. I must really love my wife to give her a gift like that.

It wasn’t all work. The little boys thought they worked so hard (and actually they did), that they needed to go swimming. They knew it would be cold but braved it anyway.

It was warm outside (85F) but I bet the pool was about 60F. However, Russell and Robbie were determined to go swimming. Another day ended on a good note.

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