Planting Trees

We had resolved earlier in the year to plant some fruit trees this year. We ordered them from a nursery in Atlanta, GA. They were shipped here all wrapped up very tightly with some gelatinous substance coating the roots and on the appointed Saturday, we got the extended family together and planted them. Now we just hope they take root in this rocky soil. We added some potting soil to mix so as not to try to defy nature by casting our seeds on stony ground.

Aunt Jamie and nephew Jordan planting one of ten new peach trees. We also planted 10 pecan trees, 10 pear trees and 10 apple trees. All of these are supposedly going to bear fruit this year. Some of the family are skeptical that these twigs that we planted will produce this year, we shall see. Thankfully the trees are guaranteed by the nursery for a year. That day it rained all day and was about 55 degrees. But we got it all done.
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  1. Man that guy on the ground is doing all the work! Why wont that mean ol mom get Down And Dirty and help out a little huh? I dont know… but that guy sure is a stud though!

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