Puppies — They Grow Up and Leave Home So Fast

Diane got this great shot of Noah playing with a few of the puppies.

We had another batch of puppies right before Christmas. They’re all sold now but one that we kept. Here’s an interesting picture taken from above.

Puppies are so fun to have around. I expect we’ll have another batch in the summer.

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2 thoughts on “Puppies — They Grow Up and Leave Home So Fast

  1. Hi to your family and to Katie who let us give a forever home to one of her pups from Red and Merry. I registered him, and his name is “Mary’s Red Rex”. He is a red merle with cracked eyes. Rex is 2 yrs this November 2007. I drove to Milford early in the day of NewYearsEve 2005 with my daughter and friend to meet Rex as a pup. As soon as we saw Red and Merry, we knew that he would have a great disposition.
    These pups remind me of Rex as a pup, and we have many pictures as he has grown. Rex has been a wonerful companion pet to us. He is smart, and doesn’t bite the fences or dig out! I never fixed him, so let me know if you would like some Red bloodlines back. Please let me send some pictures to Katie and the rest of your family soon. Thanks again for Rex, and your great efforts with cattle and how you share the family with us on the webpages.
    Lisa Wang

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