Ranch vs. Golf Course?

Sometimes I like to picture what spots on the ranch would make for picturesque golf holes. There’s one great spot that would make a nice par three over part of a lake, and there’s lots of cool places where you could put in a challenging par 4 or even a par 5. But, out here in Milford, a golf course might not be a viable venture inasmuch as the population is only 700 in the town. But I still like to think about it from time to time.

I’d like to put a tee box in here and another one up a little further on the next hill. Then the green would be back in the corner of this pasture about 400 yards away along the creek to the right. A nice par 4. Too much of a fade and you’d be OB, but it would be fairly open on the left. One note of caution: with cows tromping through this pasture every couple of months, the ground can be a little uneven. A nice drive is likely to bounce off into parts unknown.

It is probably not practical to combine a golf course and a ranch, but sometimes I dream about just such a possibility. How about a frisbee golf course? Now that’s something that might work.

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