Rebecca and Fred

This is Rebecca showing her Quarterhorse Fred. He’s a real good looker and a coming jumper. Such a good-natured horse. Loves to eat – will eat anything you give him. Potato chips is a favorite snack.

I always show Rebecca in her goofy pictures. Here she is with Fred in a Showmanship Class.

Here’s Fred in some small beginner jumps. He’s only 3 1/2 years old, (actually he’s 5 years old Rebecca informs me, but that’s still pretty young) so he’s got plenty of time to work on bigger and bigger jumps.
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4 thoughts on “Rebecca and Fred

  1. Hey Becca!!!
    I didn’t know ya’ll had this!! I’m at skool in chem. right now and were in the computer lab lookin up stuff about sum scientist!!! See ya lata!!!

  2. Hi Kim,

    Thanks for the nice comments. Yes, all of the puppies are sold. We did keep one of them. She seemed to have the strongest herding instinct of the bunch. So we kept her. And she’s having a grand time watching the rest of our dogs chase, or try to herd, cattle, jack-rabbits, armadillos (and wild pigs for that matter).

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