Red Merle female

ASCA registered Red Merle Female $300.00
This puppy has lots of personality, she loves attention, is playful and very sweet. She will be a medium size dog weigh aprox. 35lbs as an adult. She has two partial blue eyes will have a beautiful full coat. She has been wormed, had her second set of puppy shots. She is 8 weeks old and is ready for a new home.
These five puppies will be our last litter from Mary, she has been a great mom and she will be retired from breeding. She is the only female that we breed so this will be our last litter for a while. We do not show our dogs they are real working ranch dogs. All of our puppies have had a natural herding intinct and have been an asset to the ranch. All of them recieve lots of love and attention from our family of 10. Our youngest son age 4 gives lots of lovin to all the puppies.
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