She Had A Beef, But Not Any More!

A lot of good things start at home. Like charity. Like eating healthy. Like awareness of things pure and things green. And who better to know about all these good things than a home-schooling mom of five great kids aged 14 to 23?

A lady calling her blog Working Out The Quinques (and calling herself Bensrib) tells a chilling story about her daughter Abbie who got sick eating take-out burgers — and not from just one take-out line either. Eventually Abbie was getting sick even after sit-down steak meals in restaurants. She went off eating beef entirely. Read the whole sordid saga here.

Eventually Abbie couldn’t even stomach the thought of beef — until a friend advised her mom to get some real beef – the kind that says, “grass fed cattle, never given antibiotics or growth hormones.” So the lady did. And you know what? Abbie didn’t get sick! Now Abbie has discovered a restaurant that serves grassfed beef so she can eat beef in restaurants again.

Now, that’s just one mom sharing, as she says, her thoughts about her little corner of the world. It makes you wonder how many other kids in other little corners of the world are sick because of beef contaminated by all sorts of hormones and chemicals…..

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