Spring Fling at the Ranch

We had a big Spring Fling party down at the Ranch today. Families and friends from the office in Dallas. The hay ride is always a fun thing to do. Probably more fun for the kids than for the parents, but isn’t that true of most things in life anyway?

A stop at the lake is a necessary part of any decent hayride. The kids must have a chance to get muddy and fall in the lake if at all possible. The parents are so glad we could stop here!

These guys are having the time of their lives. Actually, weather-wise, it’s been a beautiful day. Up at Ranch HQ, the wind is blowing pretty good, but back here amongst the trees, it’s quite pleasant.

Just had to show you some pictures of some of the youngsters in their silly poses. For everything else, there’s MasterCard, right?

A hayride is better than anything you’ll get at Six Flags. See some nervous people on this little downhill section?

Grassfed Beef is Best

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