The Chicken Dome is Done! Really!

Well, here is the finished product. It was a monumental effort by all members of the family and it was beautiful to look at.

But the winds of change were about to blow.

I was a little concerned about it blowing around and getting beat up, so I went to Home Depot and purchased some screw in anchors out of an abundance of caution. The day I went to HD was a stormy day. I got a call literally as I was leaving the cash register. It was from Russell informing me that a major windstorm had blown through and the Chicken Dome blew away.

I couldn’t believe it.

This is proof that not everything turns into a fantastic success here on the ranch. This dome was only a success in the fact that we worked together to build it. But it would have been better if it didn’t blow away.

This is what was left in the pasture where the Chicken Dome once stood. Apparently the wind picked it up and flipped it upside down snapping a lot of the support struts. (That we so painstakingly cut at certain angles and then predrilled for the screws). Oh the pain.

The dome leaped this fence in a single bound. Or something like that. You can see it in the above picture lodged in another fence across the driveway.

And there it remains today. It’s just too much to face. Maybe another windstorm will blow it away to OZ.

Meanwhile, we’ll have to come up with another mobile chicken coop. Stay tuned.

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