The Circle of Life

Diane surveys the scene yesterday morning (she’s going to love this picture). It was a nice day to be on an early morning walk. There’s babies being born everywhere. It’s a little out of pattern for us that we’re not having a baby ourselves this year since our youngest is now over 2 years old (but I digress!). But evidence of the circle of life is all around. It’s wonderful seeing new life emerge in the spring.

These are a couple of recently born Hereford calves. We have all registered Hereford mama cows and a few registered Hereford Bulls. That combination makes these cute Hereford calves. We also have 5 registered Black Angus bulls. Cross those bulls with these Hereford mama cows and you get what we call Black Baldies. Like what you see below.

Goats are being born right now too. Baby goats are cute and fun to watch since they’re so energetic and fun loving.

This new baby goat is only a few days old and is already climbing all around the rocks while the nanny looks on. In the background, here come the miniature donkeys for a look. This little goat is nearly 100% South African Boer Goat. Here’s Noah holding it.

There are certainly anxious moments. We had a pygmy goat that got pregnant by a male boer goat and that could have been disastrous. We kept a close eye on here since she seemed to be getting so big. We took her to the vet early on and he said she should be ok. Well, when it came down to it, Diane just couldn’t see how that little goat was going to deliver this new kid goat that she could tell upon examination with a latex glove (yes, you read that right) was simply too big to make it. So she hauled the mama goat to the vet who performed a Cesarean section and delivered not one goat but two! And they survived and so did the mama. And here’s a picture of them just arrived back at the ranch from the vet.

And goats are notorious for not surviving anything. It seems like the least little thing will get a goat sick and the next thing you know it’s dead. So for these two twins to survive and for the mama goat to survive the operation, we’re amazed. Maybe these pygmy goats are stronger than boer goats?

This is the mama pygmy goat and here two twins.

Ranch life has its sweet moments as we witness life reborn. But there are some bitter days also. We had a beautiful foal born about 3 weeks ago of a Thoroughbred and sired by a well known Quarterhorse and it was coal black and leggy and a beautiful mover, everything you look for.

Well, notice the past tense. It was in the stall with it’s mother and a cat jumped up into the window startling the mother who then stepped on her baby and broke the baby’s leg. To make a long sad story short, the baby had to be put down. You take every precaution and then something like this happens.

Life moves on.
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