The Johnson’s Go To Colorado

We took a week long camping trip to Colorado this Summer. We went to Westcliffe and stayed in the Alvarado Campground. There were no hot showers at the campground, but we had everything else. Including a bear that walked right into our campground on the last day. I’ve got pictures of that bear check it out right here.

From Colorado Camp…

We hauled our 4 Wheelers up there (Noah calls them fourlers). That was a lot of fun. We also hauled our canoe with us. I swear we looked like the Beverly Hillbillies on our trip up there we had so much stuff piled on the 16 foot trailer! But we ended up having a great time.

We took a train ride through the Royal Gorge one day. That was spectacular. We followed that up the next day by going river rafting down the Arkansas River. The older kids braved the Royal Gorge and the younger ones took a slightly lesser Big Horn Canyon trip. But it was thrilling for all concerned.

The nights were in the 50’s and it was so nice. We left (and returned to) temperatures in the low 100’s so we were loving the change.

Now we’re back and it’s nice to be home. Thank goodness for wonderful neighbors who made sure all the animals were taken care of. What a blessing!
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2 thoughts on “The Johnson’s Go To Colorado

  1. No, that bear was right there in our camp. The family fled to the car and I took pictures and yelled at it. I think you’re not supposed to do that to grizzly’s but I don’t think this was a grizzly. We went to this very same campsite again in July 2011 and saw another bear this time with a cub. Yikes!

  2. Holy cats! You mention nothing about the grizzly bear! Was he real or some photo stock picture? I sure hope that was one powerful lens and you kept your distance!

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