Thinking Really Hard About Certified Grassfed Beef

I like this blog called The Beginning Farmer. This guy is thinking hard about what he is doing. Admittedly it really teases the brain sometimes to work out what the Right Thing is to do when it comes what you should eat and what you should avoid — for ethical reasons.

Bud Williams jumps right in here with some deep philosophical thoughts about Grass Farming vs Industrial Farming. Put another way, he is working out the economic justification for each. I guess Bud believes in the free market — he says that consumer choice is what it’s all about. Farmers must produce certified grassfed beef because consumers want to eat it. The trouble with that reasoning is it follows that people eat industrial/cornfed beef because they want to and that’s why it’s produced….

Hmmm. It’s quite a subject to get your head around. You should take a look. It gets you thinking.

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