Time to Start the Hay Maze or Hayze or Haytrix

We’ll take about 150 rolls and make a hay maze for the kids to play in. We’ve done this several times and the kids really love it and it’s a big hit at the Halloween party. I came up with some names for the hay maze — how about “hayze”? Ok, what about “haytrix”? That’s all I could come up for names. A Hayze or Haytrix is time consuming to design and put together, but it’s worth it. Even in the early stages it’s fun. Here’s Noah hamming it up.

Benjamin and Zachary are over for a visit. Looks like Russell is about to pounce.

Red even jumped up on top of the bales. He didn’t stay up there for long. The bales are about 5ft tall by 5ft wide.
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