We Are Lucky in Goats (again!)

Well, it is definitely goat season around the Johnson Ranch. It seems like everyday, new babies are being born. We have about 6 mama goats but they were all pregnant and all due about the same time. About 5 months ago we purchased a 100% S. African Boer Buck and brought him home. He got right down to business and here we are with a bunch of new goat babies. This buck has proven to be quite the color thrower. And he makes twins too. These last two babies have got to be the cutest so far. Here’s a little girl that was born yesterday:

This is the first goat we’ve had that was all brown. What a cute goat it is. Notice the two white socks on the front feet. This one will bring some money, or would but I doubt I could convince Diane and Rebecca to sell them. Brittney and Red, two of our Australian Shepherds are looking them over quite carefully. They’re not sure what to do about these little goats who are definitely not where they’re supposed to be. These dogs are used to rounding everyone up and chasing them back to their pens, but with us standing there, they seem a little confused. Every time they nuzzle up close we call them off so they’re just trying to be patient and wait for some action later.

Here’s the other twin. This is a male and he looks almost exactly like his father.

If all of these goats survive, we’ll have quite the nice herd pretty soon. This new buck has really made things exciting around here with all this added color. Here’s an updated picture of a real cute goat that was born on Sunday.

This is a female. Notice all of the color. In fact it’s got two brown colors, light and some darker spots. Kind of unusual.
Well, we just have one more mama goat that has yet to give birth this time around. And she looks so big that we think it might be triplets. We’ll see about that.

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