When You Live Out in the County, This is What Can Happen to You

You probably can’t tell what this picture is unless you look real closely. But a few weeks ago, I was sitting in the driver’s seat of our van the Waxahachie YMCA parking lot, minding my own business. Well actually I was waiting for Diane to come out. Then I felt something kind of hit my foot by the brake pedal. I couldn’t imagine what that would be. When I looked down, I was a little shocked to see this rather large toad. I’m not sure how it got there. It would certainly fit Noah’s profile to have brought the toad into the car in the first place. But the old ticker did skip half a beat while I tried to process what live animal just dropped out of the steering column and onto my foot! I can only imagine if that had happened while driving at full speed on a crowded freeway!

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