Wish You had a Star Wars Food Replicator?

Yeah that’s kind of a cool concept. A microwave looking thing that just creates whatever food you want. But according to this article, we’ve become addicted to corn.

“Cheap corn gave us the cheap hamburger, as well. Corn, a high-starch feed, fast-fattens cattle; it’s now the main ingredient in the bovine feedlot diet. Americans have a weak-spot for corn-fed beef, which has as much as five times saturated fat as grass-fed beef. In fact, if you were born in the last thirty years in America, chances are you’ve only ever eaten corn-fed beef. So it goes: the seemingly diverse foods in the supermarket — can of soda, disc of beef — have common ancestors in the Corn Belt.

“Star Trek’s Replicator is an understandably appealing idea. As a kid I would have traded my little sister for a machine that would make hamburgers appear from thin air in my bedroom. But are consumers benefiting from the corn kingdom? Obesity rates are obscenely high, and one in three kids born in 2000 is expected to develop Type-II diabetes. It would be absurd to lay the blame solely with corn, but the nation’s waistline problems are undoubtedly linked to what we’re gulping down at the local fast food joint. And most of that stuff, despite all the shapes and colors it comes in, is made out of the same varietal of goo — yellow dent #2 corn. “

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