“Once you’ve had SteakBurger, you’ll never go back!”

Quote from Hugh Hewitt (national radio talk show host) in an email to us after trying it himself.

What Makes SteakBurger the Best?

  • Seems like everyone, even Burger King is selling something they label “Steakburger”. Our meat is truly different because it’s grass-fed.
  • SteakBurger is Raised Just Like You Would Hope — No Hormones, No Antibiotics, No PesticidesThat alone makes us different from virtually all beef you can buy. We believe in basic, holistic management principles. We raise our cattle that way. We don’t overgraze our property. We treat our cattle well. But we go one step further than that, because even “certified organic” doesn’t mean it’s 100% Grassfed. Check out some more details about our ranch on our Ranch Blog.
  • 100% Grassfed, No GrainDid you know? Beef can be “certified organic” and still be fed grains and live its life pretty much in a feedlot. Our cattle are free-ranging, and pasture-raised. They have never been to a feedlot. They eat only grass and drink good clean water. We use all the best principles and then take it one step further. Because our cattle are pasture-raised on natural grasses, they are happier, healthier, have less disease and are loaded with heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids (found in some fish and vegetables), cancer-fighting CLA, and anti-aging anti-oxidants and vitamins. SteakBurger Grassfed Ground Steak is even healthier than mass-produced chicken.

How about this quote from SteakBurger customer who “volunteered” to test the burgers: “These are without a doubt, THE Best burgers I have ever tasted.”

That’s a huge claim. But I don’t hesitate to make it since I myself and a number of select friends have been taste testing these burgers for years.

So how are SteakBurgers different from the rest? First of all, SteakBurger is 100% grassfed beef, not left over scraps from feedlot or 20 year-old cattle. And with no added fillers, preservatives or antibiotics or growth hormones, you’ll love the idea of serving SteakBurgers to your family and friends without an ounce of guilt or regret and without worrying about where the meat came from.

From the lush pastures of North Texas, Johnson Ranch is birthplace of SteakBurger and healthier, safer beef.


Order SteakBurgers Online!

Order SteakBurgers Online!