Even the 7th Grade Has a Football Team in Texas!

Eric is No. 73 and plays for the Italy Tigers’ 7th grade team. He’s the Nose Guard on Defense and the Left Tackle on Offense. He’s had a great time playing football and has had the benefit of some excellent coaches. Running so much in practice has been a shock to his system but I’ve been proud of him for hanging in there.

We grow ’em a little bigger here in SteakBurger country :-)

Grassfed Beef is Best

2 thoughts on “Even the 7th Grade Has a Football Team in Texas!

  1. I love ya’lls site and i thought that is was the ITALY GLADIATORS
    not tigger’s S(lol)

    Cody Kendrick

    ps: I also love ya’lls puppies my dog has puppies about 2 weeks and 2 days ago!!!!

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